unity3d 清澈水效果着色渲染 DCG Water Shader 1.5 U3D模型素材




DCG Water Shader 1.5




 Requires Unity 5.3.1 or higher.

A nice and goodlooking water shader that i made :), it is simple but quite beautiful and is dynamic, you can create from alien planet water surfaces, to a nice goodlooking atlantic ocean :).

In This new Update (1.5) i have added aWater Fog, Underwater FX. 

Most of the shaders in this package were created in Shader Forge, so you can edit them with nodes :).
also you do NOT need shader forge to use this shader in your proyect :). 

You can change almost every setting in this water system. there is: 

- Color Settings 
- Foam Settings 
- Underwater Settings 
- Reflection Settings 
- Displacement Settings 
- Etc... 

This is a Highly customizable water shader. 

The package contains: 

- Shaders for water surface, backface, underwater distortion and wet lens effect. 
- 1 example Demo scene 
- demo textures for the water. 
- Prefabs ready to use! 

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